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Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg Railroad and Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg, PA — October 20, 2001

by Bob LeBras

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The Red Caboose Motel in Strasburg has an interesting assortment of prototype cabeese in a variety of roadnames.

Lionel is a favorite with visitors from the TCA National Toy Train Museum next door.

Frank Samaritano, Bob Mintz and Brad Kaplan cheese it up in front of the 1:1 scale.

Trains are everywhere in Strasburg. These are in back of the Choo Choo Barn.

More trains behind the Choo Choo Barn.

The Choo Choo Barn is a mini mall with a large O gauge layout, train store, and some other gift and food vendors.

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

PRR Class DD-1 electric passenger locomotive No. 3936.

Pennsy Class L-1s No. 520 steam freight locomotive.

Underside of PRR steamer No. 1187.

No. 1187 is known as the "Johnstown Flood Engine."

Prototype of MTH's stubby Test Weight Car.

PRR Class E-44 electric No. 4465 in gleaming black.

Class EP-20 diesel in classic 5 stripe tuscan.

No. 5901 looks great from every angle.

Cab shot of E-44 electric.

Nose shot of EP-20 diesel.

Pennsy No. 2846 2-8-0 freight steamer.

Two overhead shots of the collection from the walkway.


The museum's GG-1 looks small in the vastness of the building.

Classic Pennsy N5C porthole caboose.

Yet another shot of the EP-20.

Pennsy hopper; a staple in the coal fields.

B-1 electric switcher No. 5690.

The GG-1 has a pretty nose.

As always, gotta shoot it from every angle.

Inside the crusty GG-1 cab. One woman remarked, "It looks like a submarine."

Can't get enough of this black bullet.

In addition to this one, you can see GG-1's in Altoona, Harrisburg and Baltimore.

EMD GP-9 No. 7006 doing it's best Marilyn Monroe impression.

Monty Hall would be jealous of all those doors.

PRR passenger steam locomotive No. 5741

Class E3s steam passenger locomotive No. 7002.

Consolidation steam freight locomotive No. 7688.

Class B6sb steam switching locomotive.

Side shot with driver detail of Class DD-1 electric passenger locomotive No. 3936.

Squat Reading 0-6-0 steam switcher.

This Velocipede Car was high style in personal rail transportation.

Historical data on the unusual Velocipede Car.

Heavy-weight commuter transit from the Reading Lines.

This is the first GG-1 ever built. No. 4800 is called "Old Rivets" and is the only one ever constructed with a riveted shell.

Ma & Pa diesel switcher No. 51 rests behind "Old Rivets."

Nickel Plate Berkshire is a real beauty.

No. 757 Berkshire is the first of its type I have ever seen.

Unidentified Baldwin first generation road diesel is distinctive despite its Alco similarities.

Stainless steel Lehigh Valley Budd Car is very rust resistant.

The heavy-duty Pennsy Class M-1 Mountain is tucked away and required abit of a walk to get this shot.

Agriculture is still king in this part of Pennsylvania.

Museum workers restore an unknown piece in the shop.

Directly across the street in this train Mecca is the Strasburg Railroad.

The excursion train had just left so I took the opportunity to walk around the property. A surprise was this Pennsy GP-30. I thought it should have a home across the street.

The 30 is my favorite Geep model.

Nifty pairing of a Pennsy wood snowplow and caboose.

Alright, one more shot of the GP-30.

Heavy lifting from Conrail and Industrial Brownhoist.

This crane came from my neck of the woods.

Big and little; long flatcar and tiny Burro.

"Roasting pumpkins on an open fire..." It's near Halloween and even the trains are getting scary.

This diesel may be beat, but it's got a broom up its sleeve.

Shot inside the shop with floor pit.

Ancient wood commuter car is nicely restored.

Switch tower "J" greets visitors to the Strasburg Railroad.

Down the boardwalk and passenger boarding area.

Great old switch stand.

People race and jockey for position as No. 90 rumbles through the farmlands.

This is a very special place for any railfan.

A definite beauty shot.

Bell clanging, No. 90 on final approach.

This photo gives little hint as to how close we really are.

No. 90's driver detail.

It's the end of the line for these riders.

No. 90 takes on water.

Neat water tower superstructure resembles a Lionel accessory.

Topping off the water as the sun slowly sets.

No. 90 begins its switchback maneuver.

Chug, chug, chug.

Coming back for the coupling.

Balloon rides over the scenic countryside are a tourist attraction; I'll pass.

Steamer couples with the open air coach.

No. 90's Baldwin builder's plate.

Backing out of the station.

Final shot down the tracks as we say "farewell."
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