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by Bob Mintz

Friday June 14th will be the first flag day since September 11th.

In order to show our patriotism, two specialty cars have been made for the occasion.

First off is Lionel's # 26786 Operating Parade Car, lettered to coincide with July 4th, but just as appropriately displayed on Flag Day.

It would appear that a third category for the Mint/Aquarium style cars be made, since the shell started out as one. Perhaps an animated load car may be more appropriate.

The color scheme is eerily (or is that Erie??) reminiscent of the HTOS mint car.

Available at an authorized Lionel dealer near you (or further, if you do mail/Internet order) for about $41.95.

Our second car is an RGS Limited Edition "I Love America" boxcar. This will be a colorful addition to your "I Love State" series boxcars. Decorated in red white and blue with 50 stars, one for each state printed on the roof, is being offered for a limited time and in limited quantity.

Price: $50.00 Plus $6.00 Shipping/Handling

Order From:
RGS Limited Editions
184 North Main Street
Old Forge PA 18518
(570) 457 6805

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