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Lionel Lines Photo Album
by Mike Stella

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Milwaukee Geeps in Terminal Two.

Engine house in the Electric Terminal.

Terminal Two freight yard.

Coaling tower in Terminal One

A "Pan M Bob" turntable, works great.

WYE crossing the main yard leads.

Main yard of Terminal One.

Coaling tower & engine terminal at Division Yard.

Division #1 switch control panel.

Railroad Canyon

Leslie Tower

Overflowing Division Yard.

Yard at Masonville.

One end of Division Yard.

Gas is still "cheap" in this town.

Remember when the #455 cost under $10?

Display shelves on stairwell.

Town of St. Michael's

Masonville at left, Division Yard at right.

Summit at left, St. Michael's at right.

100 locos residing at Port.

Summit Tunnel

Town of Summit

Jim's Crossing


Lionel scouts greet visitors.

Shelves are everywhere!

Greg Manor local panel.

450 degree curve to Summit.

Snow shed protects the main.

Tunnel under Space Mountain.

Excess locomotives.

Prototype #3347 Cannon Range Car

Diesel shelves.


Steep climb to Space Mountain.

Control panel #1.

Every Scout and some passenger trains.

Happy Valley

Yard Limit for Terminal #1

Yard #1, Division Yard & Masonville.

Newest tower with CTC panel.

Masonville panel.

Masonville industries.

Division Yard switching.

Leslie Tower and branch to WisE

Division Yard engine terminal.

Waiting for the train.


Excess GG1s
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