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By Bob Mintz        continued

There is an indentation in the shelf so that you can drill a hole and then screw it into the wall.  I used the recommended Philips head screws, 3 per each four foot section, and 2 on each end for the 16" ones.

I also opted to purchase the mirrored background surface and museum quality LED lighting.

No, there aren't two sets of LEDs, but what you are seeing is the reflection in the mirrored surface

The foot long LED strips are 1/10th of an inch thick and ½" wide but have indentations and can be cut in half without compromising the electrical connection.

The 12" LED strips come connected, all you have to do is fold and tear them apart.  They have adhesive backing and can be customized in 6 inch increments and have a life up to 100,000 hours.  At first I put them in the center of the shelving, but this caused a shadow to be seen on the trains after I put them up, so I redid the entire wall and put the LED strips flush with the area closest to the front of the shelf.  Who cares if there is a shadow in the rear, right?  The strips come with a 12 volt "transformer" and each will power up to 56 feet.

Not quite the look and feel of a ZW, but being powered by something called a transformer has its' merits


Each strip is joined by a small connector, while shelf-to-shelf attachments use a longer connector.

The LED strips attach in series by the smaller connectors.

The LEDS are bright enough to take a picture using my iPhone's camera and no flash.

I plan to cut out a small groove where the larger wire connector touches the shelf so the end caps will insert flat and not pinch the wiring.

Notice the paper train on the top shelf.  Still waiting for my MTH Tri-Rail (which is Florida's poor-man's answer to the LIRR) passenger cars.

I hope you agree that the result looks extremely attractive, and most importantly, the collection is protected from dust.

The only downside is that I am eye-balling other walls in the condo and may end up wanting to display all of my trains. :-)

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