Summer Issue 2006

James Fenley, Lionel/MPC/Fundimension Executive
(Dedicated to the Memory of my friend Jim Fenley; March 10, 1922 – January 12, 2006)
By Gordon Wilson TCA #76-10233

Switchmaster Railcar Mover Donated to the Arizona Railway Museum
(reprinted article with permission of the author Lynda Muller and the Arizona Republic)
By Angelo Lautazi

Prototypical Grade Crossing Signals
By Don Woodwell
(excerpted from Automating Your Model Train Layout, 2nd Edition)

A Little Bump or Is It a Hump?  - variations of the #2033 Alco Union Pacific AA set.
By Mike Stella

O'Brien's Collecting Toy Trains, Sixth Edition
edited by David Doyle. 400 pages. 2006: Krause Publications, Iola , Wisconsin . $29.99
Reviewed by Dr. Joseph Lechner

Overwhelmed in Kansas - a visit to the Wichita Train Club.
By Gordon Wilson TCA #76-10233

Lionel 5C Test Set - an original example of a piece of Lionel service equipment.
By Paul Olekson

The#601 Seaboard Switcher -   a "slight" variation on the Seaboard Switcher.
By Mike Stella

Prototypical Mainline & Yard Signaling  
By Don Woodwell
(excerpted from Automating Your Model Train Layout, 2nd Edition)


Too Many Fish in the Sea - an article on Aquarium cars. Includes an offering for a fund raising Aquarium car by the Railroad Museum of Long Island.
By Bob Mintz

Good Golly Missed Trolley!   - updated article with additional photos.
By Bob Mintz

Maintenance of Way in the 21st Century--Ballast Tampers and Beyond
gang cars, fire cars, burro cranes, step vans, snow plows, speeders and more.
(updated article - more facts and photos)
By Bob Mintz

Handcars - (Updated article on 08/10/06 with additional text and photos)
By Bob Mintz

THE ULTIMATE LIONEL LINES SETS - (updated article on 8/10/2006)
By Bob Mintz

Window Display and Animated Window Display Cars
By Bob Mintz


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