Automnal York Is a Cacophony of Color An overview of York October 2002 by Gordon Wilson

Want To Build A Baseball Park Upon completion of the World Series; it is time to build a ball park on your layout! by Jim Herron

Building A Lionel Mickey Mouse Circus Tent by Paul Wassermann

Motorized Unit Make your own unique motorized unit by Bob Mintz

The MTH Dilemma a satire about replacing your rolling stock with the "Latest" Protosounds 2. By Bill Laughlin

The La Rue Shempp Collection Explore one of the most interesting toy train collections. By Bradley Kaplan

Civil War Train A train wreck over 100 years ago still evokes tragic memories. by Bob Mintz

Hear The Whistle Blow: A Tribute To Ward Kimball by Jim Herron

Did You Know? Let Jim Herron test your prototypical and toy train knowledge. This is the first in a series that will be published every other month!

Smoking 999 Learn how to put a smoke unit into a Marx 999. by Dave Hess

Riding the Marx Rails, Streamlined Style by Richard Getty

Taylor Made Trucks Part 2 Further reviews of these interesting products. by Bob Mintz

Going Going Gondolas Part 5 The final installment of this interesting study on Gondolas by Mike Stella



Owing to the Holiday Season and scheduling for everyone on The Internet
Committee, all articles for inclusion in the December E-Train Magazine, must
be in the hands of Bob Mintz and Brad Kaplan, on or before November 18, 2002.
This includes all printed text and any accompanying photos. This deadline
will be for ALL contributors of any material that is to be used. Have a Happy
Thanksgiving everyone.
Gordon Wilson
Chairman, TCA Internet Committee

about the cover:
This November 1946 Issue of Liberty Magazine (FATHER TAKES OVER) had the first, color catalog of Lionel Trains since World War II. It was enclosed in the center of the magazine and contained sixteen pages. It was just in time for Christmas.


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