July 2003

In Memoriam - Mr. Chris Rohlfing, President of the Mid-West Division, passed away on
July 21, 2003.
 (Page reprinted from the Desert Division's website).

RM Auctions to Offer Richard and Linda Kughn's World Renowned
“CARAIL” Collection.
Auction article and a Photo Gallery of the Museum's Cars.

The World’s Fastest Growing Hobby? Did you know that Lionel made Slotcars?
by Bob Mintz

An AZ & CA Legend Lives   - "the real world imitating "ART."
by Gordon Wilson

Greater Cincinnati Garden Railway SocietySummer     Tour # 2
Sunday, August 3, 2003    1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Tour Descriptions and Directions

Book Review: Classic Toy Trains magazine's Command Control for Toy Trains
by Neil Besougloff, 2003, Kalmbach Publishing Company, Waukesha, WI, USA
by Don Woodwell

"Praise the Lord, I Saw the Light"   Another Searchlight Car Variation.
by M. Stella

Good Golly Missed Trolley! Some history and some Lionel Trolleys.
by Bob Mintz

In Answer to the “6464 Thousand Thousand Dollar Dollar Question Question”:
A Complete Chart of 6464 Boxcars.
by Bob Mintz

Dick Kughn - The Man and the Magic He Created
by Steve Repergel
(Reprinted with permission of Antique Toy World)

Get Real  " Jeb Kriigel has a passion for weathering and super detailing".
by Bob Mintz



TCA Mission Statement
To preserve an important segment of history - Tinplate Toy Trains - through research, establishment of collecting standards, education, community outreach, fellowship and to promote the growth and enjoyment of the hobby.


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