February 2004

The First Lionel Dealer Advance Catalog?
By Leo Schoeck

The American Flyer Automobile Car
By Robert S. Butler

The MPC Collector. Variation Explanation or Possible Creation?   
- Lionel's MKT Stock Car-#9707
By Mike Stella

Well I did it now!  - a Hafner train up for auction....and the winner is!
By Jerry Loman

So that’s where they all went!   - some interesting facts about Lionel's export sets.
By Dave McEntarfer

A Grand Canyon Railway Adventure:
Riding to a Natural Wonder

by Don Woodwell

One car, exponential variations! A case of not so “fuzzy” math. - the Lionel Missile Car.
By Mike Stella

Let's Start a Fight! A Postwar War!  - American Flyer vs. Lionel.
By Mike Tripp

MTA--Are these the most difficult club cars to find?
By Mike Stella

The Handkerchief -   discover some interesting Lionel Handcars.
By Bob Mintz

"Things Found at Train Meets not held in Pennsylvania!"
By Mike Stella

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