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By “Fireman” Al Schwartz 83-20213

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1.1990 4 Bay Covered Hopper Variation.  This was the second car in the series of NLOE cars.  The regular production run was a gray body with an orange roof and graphics.  The variation was an all gray car with orange lettering.  These cars were decorated over a Lionel 6-19309 Seaboard Hopper.  Both cars had identical graphics and numbering.  The cars are marked 8390.  There were 45 cars produced with the orange roof and hatches and only 3 were produced with the gray roof and hatches.  The built date on the car is 2-90

2.The green 2000 LIRR Mail Car Railway Post Office.  The Committee wanted to try something different and two pre-production samples were painted in RPO green but it was decided that it just didn’t fit in with the rest of the passenger set.  It was decided that the regular production run would be painted to match the set.  The Lionel cars were undecorated and the Lionel SKU # is 52186.  The regular production run had 100 cars.  All of the cars were decorated by PVP.

3.F-3 “B” unit was never produced.  This piece was going to match the F-3 double “A” units that were painted as part of the passenger set.  The sample here is a mock up of what was planned for the set.  It has Long Island Railroad graphics and the year 2003 which was the year it was supposed to be produced.  Lionel did assign a SKU number of 52294 to the piece but the minimum number to order this was never received, so the idea was scrapped.  Two mock ups were repainted on MPC “B” unit shells.  Again, all these pieces were decorated by PVP.  There were only 89 Observation cars produced for this set so that is the maximum number of sets completed produced.


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