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More 6464…The Never Ending 6464 Series
By Dr. Paul Wassermann, Shannon Sikora and Bob Mintz

Our first contribution comes from the recent TCA 53rd Annual Convention.

#52275 TCA WESTERN DIVISION 2003 6464 TYPE "1954-2003" boxcar in orange was offered to the membership at large.

For those attending the actual convention, a red version banquet car of only 125 was made.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the above so you can differentiate between the two.

HTOS announces the availability of their fifth rail car, the Lone Star Railway Express boxcar. This car is a Made in America, Lionel O-gauge, 6464 series boxcar.

It has a metal frame and die-cast spring loaded trucks. Their Lone star paint scheme appears to wrap around the car with a continuous blue band from the roof onto the doors of the boxcar. The HTOS club logo is on the left panel with a 6464-8903 reporting mark. Their beautiful Railway Express logo is featured on the right side panel. The log is a HTOS unique design consisting of a waving Texas flag on a light blue field, and is encircled by the words "Lone Star Railway Express in black.

For additional information, please send an e-mail to:
or call 281/277-7630 and leave a voicemail with your request.

No collection should be without the weird, wild and wacky.

If imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery, even Lionel is making a copy of the 6464-100 WP GRAY WITH YELLOW FEATHER in their latest catalogue 2003 Volume 2 on page 72.

See the May issue of e*Train:

The following were made by:
RGS Limited Editions
184 North Main Street
Old Forge, PA 18518
Voice: 570-457-6805
Fax: 570-457-6814
Cell: 570-575-0460

6464-350 MKT
6464-510 PACEMAKER
6464-515 MKT
6464-515 MKT

The following are pre-production prototypes and copies of the finished product:

#19274 6464 Series Boxcars, 4th edition "6464-225"
#19277 6464 Series Boxcars, 5th edition "6464-300"
#19278 6464 Series Boxcars, 5th edition "6464-325"



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