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The World's Greatest Hobby (in any gauge)!

By Mike Stella

There's an "Around the Country Traveling Train Show" that goes by the name of "World's Greatest Hobby."  If you have not been to one in your area I encourage you to attend.

The Public shows up in the tens of thousands on a typical weekend and they come to see toy trains in all scales.

They'll spend money too on a beginning set for junior even if junior is 30 years old!

You can get a lot of HO Railroad on a 4x8 plot of ground!

This is a terrific thing happening in our hobby and I for one support it to the hilt.  This holiday season in the Hobby Shop I play in, we are offering a new Athearn Freight set along with the WGH Track Pack kit and together a person can build a great 4x8 foot railroad empire.

Downtown "Smallville"

I have put a number of hours in building just such a layout that will soon make its way to the store to hang on the wall to demonstrate what a beginner can do.

Every holiday season I sell about 100 train sets to people just starting out.  Trains are still a big part of the season.

Get Involved.  Share your hobby.

Next year I'll try "N" Gauge.

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