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Lionel Auction Preview
Chesterfield, MI — July 11, 2001

by Steve Serecky

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Outside just before 9:00 a.m.

Sinclair tankcar bodies.

Everything is $4.00 per lb.

A bunch of everything.

Car bodies to match the phantom.

Rio deals.

Plain and simple.

JC Penny trailers by the truckload.

Mint in the box.

$4 per lb don't buy many of these.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

It definitely wasn't a drag being there.

Camping season in Lionelville.

Now into the auction house.

Everyone needs one of these; there were 4 for sale.

Where's James, the red engine?

All the yellow tags are different auction lots.

So much Lionel, so little money.

I guess the bridge wasn't made for G scale.

Aluminum Ricos, and a lot more.

An engine graveyard?

I just love those colors.

Glow in the dark too.

Most of the big engines were in this back room...

Including this green Southern...

And this Chevy...

And this triple headed SP.

They were selling these for $20. I got there as the last one was taken. Bummer.

They saved stacks of them for the auction...

And these too.

Here is a mixed lot.

One of the dealer kits was leaking.

Meet the press.

About 100 different presses for different applications.

I've never heard of these.

The auction site.

Various molds and tooling...

Even more..

No respect for the Rio Grande...

The CNW...

Or the AEC.

Just plain, old no respect.

Here is the $86,000 model of Grand Central Station.

I tried to show the detail inside.

Exterior detail.

Shot from the right side...

The right front...

The left front...

And the left side

Inside upper level from left side.

Lastly, the right front corner.

Paint mask for a boxcar...

For a UP GP9...

And for an NH.

Assorted paint masks...

And a few more.

Stamp plate for a PRR...

And for a B&M.

This is the only guy I recognized: Bill Button from Madison Hardware and LCCA.

More stuff for sale.

A big crowd anticipated on Thursday and Friday.

The auctioneers table.

Cases of intermodal containers for $12...

Mouse pads for $2...

And 4 piece sets of Christmas stocking holders for $20.

This line moved slower than the unemployment office in the 80's.

Miscellaneous boxcars and cabooses for $1.

A label on a press waiting for payment.

Only $3 for an, umm, er... I don't know what.

OK, what did I buy?

I picked up all of my acquisitions in the $4 per pound building, including four of these chassis...

And these 3 colorful shells to go on top.

I also bought 2 catalogs for $10 each.

Here are the 4 chassis. Anyone know what they are supposed to be with?

Another shot of my stuff.

I couldn't resist the JC Penney trucks to run with my Sears trucks.

I threw in a couple of these for the heck of it.

Another look at my stuff.

I got all of this for $92.00.

Some color for my layout.
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