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They Should've Taken the Train  
By Joseph H. Lechner  

This rig was parked in the north lot at the Rolls Royce plant in Mount Vernon , Ohio . It has nothing to do with luxury automobiles; the Mount Vernon subsidiary of RR builds heavy duty compressors for oil and natural gas pipelines.


The load weighs 200,000 pounds. It is destined for an offshore drilling company based in Houston , Texas .  

The truck that will deliver it has nineteen axles and 74 tires. Its trailer is 16 feet wide at the payload. The whole rig takes up 21 parking spaces and measures approximately 210 feet long. An "O" scale model of it would be 4" wide and 52½" long. That's nearly twice the size of MTH's Schnabel flat car (20-98291), which is only 26½" long by 3 3/16" wide; and which has only 14 axles and 28 wheels.   Rolls-Royce is still served by CSX which operates a daily local from Newark OH . Wouldn't it have been simpler for them to ship by train?


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