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Grandpa's Lionel Attic Find

As told by Mike Stella

‘Twas the day past St. Patty's Day in 2004
when a small elderly man came fast through the door.

Eager and cheerful he said with a smile,
I've had all these trains for quite a long while.

My son doesn't want them so I want to sell,
we've had then for years, they all say LIONEL!

You can't have just some but must take the bunch,
" I'll be happy to look. I'll come over this lunch."

I jotted down numbers, came up with a price,
nothing exceptional, but all very nice.

I gave him my bid for one piece and all,
he wanted to think. He said he would call.

I've been here before, won some and lost,
I started to think I don't need the cost.

Santa Fe diesels and more die-cast steam,
did I really need more? I started to dream.

He won't call. I was probably too bold,
then the cell rang and I heard him say SOLD!

I went to the bank the next day to get some cash, more then I would normally pay for trains I don't need for my collection but I no longer attend train meets and these were all in great condition and there is always eBay to sell those items. I don't want at all and maybe I can recoup my money, or most of it, and then I'll get a few items for free.

At least that is the story we all tell ourselves to convince ourselves that we really aren't spending as much as it seems! We'll get our money back! I brought the trains home in my car but waited until the weekend to pick up the 4x8 layout in a borrowed pickup. There really is one very nice, original owner, 1952 #671 set that I hope to "earn" by selling off everything else.

By the time you read this about 30 lots will have been listed on eBay, hopefully sold for a fair price, and the results tabulated for an update next issue.

Keep watching e*Train for the results of Grandpa's Lionel Attic Find.

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