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Online Voting Option.

TCA Online Voting

By Chris Allen TCA HE95-40580
Chairman, Internet & Technology Committee            Winter 2018 

The TCA Board of Directors challenged the Internet and Technology Committee to come up with an alternate plan to their proposal to shift to 100% online voting. Since TCA has email addresses from only 75% of the membership on file, it was felt that exclusive online voting would isolate those members who are not actively using the internet or email from the voting process.

Working with the staff at the National Business Office and TCA's IT support contractors, an alternate plan was presented to the TCA Executive Committee in October and approved. This option will be available to those members who want the ease and convenience of online voting for our election this upcoming spring.

Starting in January, we will begin an all-out campaign to inform all our members of this option. Just like any other election process, you will need to register to vote online. We will give you a sneak preview on how it works, and you can even sign up for online voting today.

Why Have to Opt In for Online Voting? Why do you need to register to vote online? Why couldn't TCA just make it easier and have the majority of members enrolled automatically? Yes, that would have been easier on everyone involved but we must respect that for whatever reason, 25% of our membership do not have an email on file with TCA, or do not have online resources available to them. How could they have opted out of online voting to request a paper ballot, it they had no means to do so? That's why in our membership database we recently pre-set all members as preferring the paper ballot as seen below (unless they had already opted in for online voting), and require members wishing to vote online to positively affirm their desire to do so.

The process is simple, easy to do and is only required one time. Once you register to vote online, that will be your default method going forward, unless you change it back. Simply go to your TCA account at (Or just log in to the Traincollectors site your usual way and click on Manage Profile, Edit Bio, where you make your usual changes to your account information.)

There, scroll down to the Additional Information section, select "Opt In for Online Voting" from the dropdown, and you will receive an email notice later at national election time about how to cast your ballot online.

Your login and profile editing pages, as well as other pages involving submission of personal information, are protected by secure systems.

Opt in field.

Dropdown selection.

Make sure you have a valid email address in your account on this page, and that your SPAM filter allows TCA mailings to come through.

You're done, and you have also helped TCA keep expenses down. Online voting will not only make voting easier for you but will also save TCA postage costs and lower the cost we pay to have an independent firm manually count the ballots.

But don't wait! Like all election processes there will be a cutoff date to opt in for online voting. Once the election process starts you will be locked out of this option so that we can provide a valid list of eligible voters to the ballot counting firm. During the election process you will be emailed a link on where to vote. Just like the ballot counting firm we now utilize, this online company is an independent firm contracted by TCA for this purpose.

The Board of Directors and members of the Internet & Technology Committee strongly encourage you to opt into online voting.

Second Decade.
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