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Becoming Unglued Part 2-Removing Paper Shipping Labels from Boxes

By Bob Mintz                                                                     Spring 2021

In the last issue of e*Train, I discussed how I was able to remove Dymo labels from our toy trains.

Now I will explain how I was able to remove Avery labels from Train Boxes.

In order to find things faster, I applied these Avery labels to set boxes as the SKU numbers and product numbers are tiny.  Now that I am selling them, I needed to find a way to remove them quickly and safely.

I first used a hair blower and found that it did not get hot enough to be effective in removing the labels.

I next used a digital heat gun set to 650 degrees, a Wagner Furno 700/750 LCD Heat Gun.

Using a pair of tweezers and heat resistant gloves, I started working the corners to remove the label.

This seemed to work sometimes, and other times the label broke apart, or not at all.  It appeared to me that the labels were all the exact same ones.  Did the age of the label effect the removal?  Dunno.

Next, I soaked the label using Goo-Gone and then used the heat gun again set to 650 degrees.  There is some "smoke" as the Goo-Gone starts to evaporate, but this method seemed to be the best one yet.

There was some glue residue (I'm a poet and don't even know it), so I again used that same Medline Adhesive Tape Remover Pad #MDS090855 (sold on Amazon: $41.38 for 1000 pads) to remove it as well.

Always be careful when using any type of heat appliance, especially when applying this high heat to "book-paper" which Ray Bradbury asserted would burn at "Fahrenheit 451" degrees.  That is actually the auto-ignition temperature, but you get the drift.

Second Decade.
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