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Thomas is all ready to GO FLYER.

Flyerizing Thomas, Part 1   ... Continued

By John S. Halajko (TCA 84-20653) and Carl Giambrone (TCA 83-19674)
                                                                             Summer 2019
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Notice the slot in the boiler shell for the e-unit lever.

For this version, John used caulking to build-up a front mounting block.
Above are the details of how John wired the motor to the shell.


Finish up the project by painting any items. Note the buildup of material to support the front of the motor frame.

Many materials can be used to support the motor frame like BONDO, EPOXY GLUE AND CLOTH or just CAULK to form the mounting block.  Recommend using screws to attach to the built-up mounting block. Alas, John took some short cuts and glued a stick to the frame and then wired the rear and held the front in place with lots of caulk. He painted the Styrofoam blocks flat black before gluing to the shell. You can see the effect in the cab window above.

Mount the tender connection block and cut the shell for the draw bar clearance. Looks like Thomas is happy with his new power train.

Enjoy the videos that follow:

Part 2 of this article will show the details of the shell surgery along with some surprises.

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Second Decade.
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