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Trains For All Seasons: Summer-Fall 2014

Bob Mintz.


Because of other TCA activities underway, we are providing a doubleheader issue this time, and are confident the content justifies the wait!

Recently, we had the chance to see an impressive restoration job underway at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, where the famed Lindbergh Engine PRR No. 460 is being rebuilt. It made us realize how it takes hard work to revitalize wonderful things -- even like TCA in an era of change!

Creative approaches, even if daunting, can pay off!

If you have an idea for an article, let us know, and we'll work with you to polish it off.

Bob Mintz


Summer at National Toy Train Museum.

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Cover picture. Interest in toy trains can arise at a young age if youthful perspectives are observed. Color, simplicity, a challenge -- action! (Photo courtesy Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania)

New in this Edition:

Building an Operating Overhead Catenary System for “O” Gauge Model Railroads
By Thomas P. Leyden

Getting the Best From TCA's Family of Websites
By Katie Elgar, TCA National President

It’s unanimous-“One of the best conventions ever”
By Bob Lubonski

2015 Convention.I Want to be a Part of it, New York, New York  The 2015 Convention
By Bernie Callen and Stu Rankin

My Junk Box Gold Mine Find, or “Congratulations, You've Won the Beaded Necklace!”
By Al Michelini

A Short History of TCA Standards
By Ron Morris, TCA Historian

A Tale of Two Cabeese (which one will show up?)
By Bob Mintz

Variety is the Spice of Collecting!  Schuco and Their Classic Toy Train:  The Boxes
By Doug Burwell

Updated: (new information or pictures)

Clem's York Primer
with new information
By Richard B. "Clem" Clement

Good Golly Missed Trolley!
by Bob Mintz

The Handcarchief - discover some interesting Lionel Handcars
By Bob Mintz

In Answer to the “6464 Thousand Thousand Dollar Dollar Question Question” 
By Bob Mintz (6464 Boxcar Chart)

Lionel Control Towers
By Bill Meyer and Bob Mintz

Lionel®'s Monopoly®--Go Directly to York; Do Not Pass The Fairgrounds; Do Not Spend less than $200…
By Bob Mintz

Maintenance of Way in the 21st Century--Ballast Tampers and Beyond ...gang cars, fire cars, burro cranes, step vans, snow plows, speeders and more
By Bob Mintz

Mintz's Mint in the Box Mint Cars
By Bob Mintz

One 'EL of a Great "Idear" - the M.T.H. Subway Cars
Reference chart update
By Bob Mintz.

Too Many Fish in the Sea - Aquarium Cars
By Bob Mintz

The Ultimate Lionel Lines Sets
By Bob Mintz

William Weary -  Billboards
By Bob Mintz

Window Display and Animated Window Display Cars
By Bob Mintz

Opinions and comments made in by-lined columns in this publication do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Board of Directors or the views of officers and appointed officials; nor do they indicate an association endorsement of any products mentioned.
Second Decade.
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