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Toy Trains For All Ages — Spring 2014

Bob Mintz.


Sometimes, we have to explore new methods of enticing the next generation into the hobby! Creative approaches, even if initially challenging, can pay off!

If you have an idea for an article, let us know, and we'll work with you to polish it off.

As always, in our Updated section, we provide actual photos of production cars when they are shipped, to replace initial catalog images, as well as informational updates.

Bob Mintz


Spring at last!

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Cover picture. Generations have traditionally enjoyed our hobby together, passing on the love of toy trains. In a changing world, trains and families may be a bit different, but the fascination remains! See Editor's photo, above right, for new recruitment approaches.

New in this Edition:

British Marx Overpaint Sets -
Making Lemonade from Lemons?

By Al Michelini


Globe.American Flyer Prewar Dealer Display Equipment
By Leon Sweet

My Greatest Find
By Michael A. Cann

TCA Open House April 23, 2014

We are most pleased to feature Al Michelini's fascinating research, a retrospective by the late Michael Cann, and another great Leon Sweet American Flyer piece.  This edition of e-Train otherwise focuses heavily on a series of updates to previous subjects.

For over a decade, the updating of earlier articles on mainstream interest subjects such as listed below has resulted in a growing compendium of ready reference material for the hobby.

Think of it as your online personal library!

Updated: (new information or pictures)

Clem's York Primer -- Updated for Spring Meet
By Clem Cement

Good Golly Missed Trolley!
By Bob Mintz

The Handcarchief (Handcars)
By Bob Mintz

In Answer to the “6464 Thousand Thousand Dollar Dollar Question Question”  (6464 Boxcar Chart)
By Bob Mintz 

Monopoly.Lionel®'s Monopoly®--Go Directly to York; Do Not Pass The Fairgrounds; Do Not Spend less than $200…
By Bob Mintz

“Live Long and Prosper”- Lionel's Romulans, Vulcans and Klingons - switchers and other motorized units
By Bob Mintz

Maintenance of Way in the 21st Century--Ballast Tampers and Beyond
By Bob Mintz

Mintz's Mint in the Box Mint Cars (Photo updates plus new ordering information)
By Bob Mintz

More “Ore!” Lionel® Adds to Its Roster of Catalogued and Uncatalogued Ore Cars
By Joel Fugazzotto.

Too Many Fish in the Sea (Aquarium Cars)
By Bob Mintz

By Bob Mintz

William Weary (All about billboards)
By Bob Mintz

Display.Window Display and Animated Window Display Cars
By Bob Mintz

Opinions and comments made in by-lined columns in this publication do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Board of Directors or the views of officers and appointed officials; nor do they indicate an association endorsement of any products mentioned.
Second Decade.
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