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Winter 2013: A New Year of Toy Trains


TCA is pleased to expand its use of the Internet which provides more effective and efficient service to our members.  The new design of the National Toy Train Museum site joins the new face of e-Train and now the sites provide an enhanced variety of links and information. 

TCA also has the Membership Directory online for members.  Find who lives in your area, and get in touch.

e-Train continues to provide articles and information and builds on the history and education of toy trains.

Carol R. McGinnis
TCA President



We welcome Ed Howanice as an author!

Remember, we're looking for people willing to share their experiences and knowledge. We can assist with the English!

Bob Mintz














Cover picture.ABOVE: Wreath at National Toy Train Museum and scene from 1966 movie "Madame X."

New in this Edition:

"Derailed"-Catalogued but never produced
By Ed Howanice.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's not even Super O…
By Paul Olekson

Kids Club Tunnel -- Desert Division Kids Club -- Part 2
By Chris Allen

Let's Stay in Touch - the importance of sharing your email address with TCA
By Stu Rankin, for the TCA Internet Committee

Lionel Replacement Bulbs—who made them?
By Bob Mintz

Updated: (new information or pictures)

By Bill Meyer, Bob Mintz and Dr. Joseph Lechner

The Handcarchief - discover some interesting Lionel Handcars.
By Bob Mintz.

In Answer To The "6464 Thousand Thousand Dollar Dollar Question Question"
By Bob Mintz

Kids Club Tunnel - Desert Division Kids Club - Part 1
By Chris Allen

“Live Long and Prosper”- Lionel's Romulans, Vulcans and Klingons - switchers and other motorized units.
By Bob Mintz

Maintenance of Way in the 21st Century--Ballast Tampers and Beyond
By Bob Mintz

Mintz's Mint in the Box Mint Cars
By Bob Mintz

The Olive Drab Garden
By Bob Mintz

Trainmaster USA-A Guide to Lionel® Licensed Products by Eastwood Memorabilia® and Corgi Classics®
By Bob Mintz

Window Display and Animated Window Display Cars
By Bob Mintz

Hey Kids,…what time is it??? Why, it's how'd he do "dat" time!!!
By Bob Mintz

Opinions and comments made in by-lined columns in this publication do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Board of Directors or the views of officers and appointed officials; nor do they indicate a club endorsement of any products mentioned.
Second Decade.
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