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Spring 2013: A Good Time for Toy Trains

Easter train.


Since we last "spoke," you may have heard that besides being Editor for e-Train, I have been appointed TCA National Treasurer.  As I am running unopposed in this latest election, unless someone mounts an incredible write-in vote, you are stuck with me until at least June 2014. 

So, now, more than ever, I need the TCA membership to step up to the plate and help me out by writing articles.  I will edit text and do my MintzMagic® on the photographs to help you display your collection or discuss your operating articles.

I would very much appreciate any and all submissions.  TCA is so much more than any single event.  Despite having many other interests and hobbies, the endearing friendships that I have made with fellow train collectors far outweigh those of the people that I meet playing tennis and racquetball, my fellow New York Ranger hockey fans or the various water sports that I also enjoy.  I now have a database of friends that are not only neighborhood or regional, but national and in some cases, international.  You may not think that an article is of interest to fellow "trainiacs," but believe me, they are read. 

Although I do not frequently get direct responses to my own articles, people do read them and I when I introduce myself to people at York, I get compliMINTZ on my articles.  You can too!

Bob Mintz


Cover picture.ABOVE: An ad from the 1950s portraying the benefits of then-modern railroad equipment and relaxing rail travel.

New in this Edition:

American Flyer Prewar Uncataloged Engine and Uncataloged Set
York.By Leon Sweet

Clem's York Primer Spring 2013
By Richard B. "Clem" Clement

Metamorphosis of Motorized Units- Change of Plans—
By Bob Mintz

The Train at the End of the World
By Gordon L. Wilson

Women in TCA -- A Special Two Part Presentation:

Women, they are in TCA, and they are TCA!
By Carol Redman McGinnis, TCA National President

My Introduction to TCA
By Christie M. Wilson, TCA National Secretary


Updated: (new information or pictures)

Good Golly Missed Trolley!
By Bob Mintz

In Answer To The "6464 Thousand Thousand Dollar Dollar Question Question"
By Bob Mintz

Lionel Control Towers
By Bill Meyer and Bob Mintz

Lionel®'s Monopoly®--Go Directly to York; Do Not Pass The Fairgrounds; Do Not Spend less than $200…
By Bob Mintz

Maintenance of Way in the 21st Century--Ballast Tampers and Beyond
By Bob Mintz

Mintz's Mint in the Box Mint Cars
By Bob Mintz

More " Ore !" Lionel® Adds to Its Roster of Catalogued and Uncatalogued Ore Cars
By Joel Fugazzotto. Updated by Bob Mintz

"MTA, Going Your Way!"®
By Bob Mintz

The Olive Drab Garden
By Bob Mintz

One 'EL of a Great "Idear"—The M.T.H. Subway Cars
(chart update)
By Bob Mintz

Too Many Fish in the Sea
By Bob Mintz

"Vat" City
By Joel Fugazzotto

Window Display and Animated Window Display Cars
By Bob Mintz

Opinions and comments made in by-lined columns in this publication do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Board of Directors or the views of officers and appointed officials; nor do they indicate a club endorsement of any products mentioned.
Second Decade.
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