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A Tale of Two Cabeese

By Bob Mintz                                                           Summer-Fall 2014

While gathering information for the latest issue of e*Train, I thought that I had included (and ordered for my own collection) a Lionel Lines caboose in the Lionel corporate colors of orange and blue.

I pride myself in having a photographic memory, although I tend to run out of film at times (digital photography not withstanding).

When I received the new Lionel catalog today, I thought that I had to order a second Scale N5B caboose in a slightly different color variation.

When I went to my spreadsheet of open orders, sure enough, SKU number 6-81810 already existed.


Which version will eventually show up?

Stay tuned (with the advent of cable and Dish TV, another saying that is now passé, as is the word passé).




Second Decade.
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