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Everyone's Got A Favorite!-The complete Entenmann's® Series, or is it…?

By Al Schwartz, Stu Rankin & Bob Mintz         Continued        Winter 2021


We had many other Entenmann's ideas that never left the drawing board:

Proposed Entenmann's Airplane

Proposed Entenmann's Window Display Car

Proposed Entenman's Mint Car

Proposed Entenmann's Animated Gondola

Proposed Entenmann's Trackmobile

Proposed Entenmann's Trolley

Proposed Entenmann's Caboose

Proposed Entenmann's Caboose-Reverse color sheme


Many of our former customers would approach us at York and elsewhere about completing the set with an Entenmann's® engine and matching caboose. At that time, the order minimums and price were not an option and the idea was cost prohibitive. We apologized and were resolved to the fact that this was the end of the line, or so we thought.

Stu Rankin had pursued the Entenmann's® brand through various and sundry corporate reorganizations and acquisitions, and has the answer to this bakery bonanza.

METCA is now proud to offer this Entenmann's GP-7 with LionChief+2.0 (dual motors, electro-couplers, smoke, die-cast trucks) along with an NE5 caboose. These two items will nicely bookend all the previously offered Entenmann's rolling stock.

#2101230 METCA Entenmann's LionChief 2.0 GP7

#2101240 METCA Entenmann's NE5 Caboose


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