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The Display at the Greenberg Show


By John S. Halajko, TCA 84-20653                                   Spring 2020

The Greenberg  Train Show at Edison, NJ on 29 February 2020 had a Very Special Display by of their Schnabel  Car Prototypes.  Click here to watch a video that speaks for itself.

Pretty cool, right? Notice that the load does not overhang too much on curves. Lots of CNC efforts created these monsters of the rails. Will Kenly’s skill in using his tools of the trade can be seen in the photos that follow. Visit his website for new material. Hopefully he will join the TCA and display at York.

Parts is not just parts.

Here is how the load is held in place.

A sample of a part before completion, this one was rejected. 

Sample Business Card

Introducing Will and Bill Kenly, look for these two guys at a future York

Do you think they will put wheels on us?  No way, we are already on the right track.

Will Kenly is looking for a source to supply trucks. If you know of one, please contact him.

Second Decade.
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