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Window Display and Animated Window Display Cars

By Bob Mintz
(updated Spring 2021)

We have here an opportunity to help STANDARDIZE some formal categories within the hobby.

Since I was blessed with my last name, it would only make sense that I collect mint cars. Unfortunately, the collection did not stop with this series. The next obvious step would be aquarium cars.

I just received my Lionel freebie US Savings Bond car that is classified as a mint car.

Question is, is this really a mint car?

Should mint cars only be those that contain bullion or can we include paper currency too? Is a savings bond a form of currency?

If not, what should a paper type currency car be called?

Should aquarium cars only include fish or other underwater creatures?

If we consider mintcars to only be those that include either a paper or bullion currency, what do we do about the so-called “mintcar/aquarium style” load cars?

Stu Rankin has suggested that we split these into two categories as follows:

“Window Display Car”--Mint-type car containing a fixed/static non-bullion load.

“Animated Window Display Car”--Aquarium-type car where the moving scene is something other than the little fishes.

I would define a mint type car as one that has a vault plate door with combination lock; handle; and tri-spoked wheel; while an aquarium type car would contain either a vibrator or other motor or truck driven gear system that moves a continuous sprocket type film belt.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and this category is no exception. #16757 Johnny Lightening car hauler, which is clearly a mintcar by my definition, has the marking “3435” on it, which is the number of the original aquarium car. #52188 Carail 25th Anniversary Car Hauler with two autos  does not have a moving film belt, but has an aquarium body.

Oh well, that is what makes this hobby so interesting.

1)#16757 Johnny Lightning Car Hauler with two Johnny Lightning autos “3435”
2)#19669 King Tut Museum Car “9660”
3)#19671 Lionel Model Shop Display Car #1 “6445-01”
4)#19675 Lionel Model Shop Display #2 “6445-02”
5)#19681 “AREA 51” Alien Suspension Car
6)#19855 Christmas Aquarium Car Lionel Holiday Special “3437”
7)#19869 Alien Transport Aquarium Car "3435"
8)#26747 Happy Halloween Aquarium Car
9)#26752 Merry Christmas Aquarium Car
10)#26786 Lionelville 4th of July Operating Parade Car
11)#52188 Carail 25th Anniversary Car Hauler with two autos
12)#52280 LOTS Lionel Electric Trains with past club convention boxes
13)#52289 National Toy Train Museum 25th Anniversary Bullion Car “NTTMCC 1977-2002” which really contains a replica of the mintcar in the TCA Museum
#29606 ELVIS PRESLEY RECORD TRANSPORT CAR FROM 31728 Elvis "He Dares to Rock" Train
#52406 LCCA Horse Artillery Transportation Car
#29612 Las Vegas Poker Chip car

#26859 Christmas Parade Boxcar

#29866 Pirates Aquarium Car
#36830 Aquarium Car Halloween
#52419 LOTS 2006 Touring Layout Car
#36859 Lionel Lines Aquarium Car
#36888 CasperTM Aquarium Car
#29628 Poinsettia Mint Car
# 29624 Monopoly Mint Car
# 29626 Case Closed Mint Car
#29631 Lone Ranger Wild West Display Car (FROM SET #11162 Lone Ranger Add-on 3-Pack)
#29635 Monopoly "Go to Jail” Mint Car
#29633 Christmas Ornament Lighted Mint Car
# 29636 Vampire Transport Mint Car
#22123 Ringling Bros Lion Cage Car "36" (FROM SET # 22121 Ringling Bros Steam Circus Train Set)
#22129 Ringling Bros Tiger Cage Car "48" (FROM SET # 22126 Circus Train Expansion Pack)
#29649 Lionel Smoke Pellets Mint Car

#72511 (B) “1836” LCCA Dallas 2011 Registration Car “Remember the Alamo”

#72511(C) LCCA Dallas 2011 # 1 Volunteer Car

#37045 The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" Aquarium Car


#29328 Beatles "Nothing is Real" Aquarium Car


#29647 Gingerbread Man Mint Car

#29652 RMS Titanic Artifact Preservation mint car from #30187 Titanic Centennial Set

#29329 Peanuts® Halloween Aquarium car #37056 Zombie Aquarium car

#29321 Ice Skating Aquarium Car

#36720 Aladdin Aquarium Car
#25977 A Christmas Story "Leg Lamp" Mint Car
#29671 Smoke Pellet Mint Car #2
#37094 Wizard of Oz Aquarium Car
#37097 Where the Wild Things Are Aquarium Car
#48844 Christmas Mint Car #52562 LCCA Lighted Uranium Mint Car
#58549 Texas Special Mint car LCCA 2012 from Set # 58526 Texas Special NW2 Switcher Cow and Calf

#58579 The Railroad Museum of Long Island Long Island LIRR G-16 World’s Fair Exhibit Car

#81067 Monopoly Aquarium Car

#81427 Frosty the Snowman® Parade Car
Complete collection of window display cars displayed by number on Showcase Express shelving. For information, go here
#81056 Erie Lackawanna Reserve Mint Car # 93326 from Pocono Berskshire Set # 81025 #81568 4th of July Parade Boxcar
#82740 Winter Wonderland Christmas Aquarium Car #82510 The Polar Express Aquarium Car
#83239 The Polar Express Christmas Bells Mint Car #83316 Santa's Sleigh Aquarium Car
the President's car- only 10 made
58552(B) 2016 TCA Lone Star Division Convention Cannon car- only 60 made 82914 Disney Aquarium Car
83192 Smithsonian Dinosaur Aquarium Car 84376 Angela Trotta Thomas Signature Express Aquarium Car
83637 MLB Mets-Phillies Mascot Aquarium Car-NOT MANUFACTURED 1928060 Mickey Celebration Aquarium Car
1919410 The Polar Express Mint Car (American Flyer)
1919430 Roadrunner / Wile E Coyote Aquarium Car (American Flyer)
1928330 PEZ Mint Car
1928360 Scooby-Doo Aquarium Car 2028010 George H.W. Bush Funeral Mint Car
2028100 Inside Out Memory Ball Transport Car
2028240 Anheuser-Busch Cold Storage Car
2028470 Polar Express Present Mint Car
2028530 Tribble Transport Car
2028570 Pizza Planet Aquarium Car
#23132 Star Trek Sick Bay Car from # 2023130 Star Trek LionChief® Set and # 2123120 Star Trek LionChief® Set w/Bluetooth 5.0 #23133 Star Trek Holodeck Animated Car from # 2023130 Star Trek LionChief® Set and # 2123120 Star Trek LionChief® Set w/Bluetooth 5.0
#23134 Star Trek 10 Forward Car from # 2023130 Star Trek LionChief® Set and # 2123120 Star Trek LionChief® Set w/Bluetooth 5.0  
29609 Alien Suspension Car 44133 Showroom Aquarium Car (American Flyer)
44134 The Polar Express Aquarium Car (American Flyer) 1919410 THE POLAR EXPRESS Mint Car (American Flyer)
1928060 Mickey Celebration Aquarium Car 2128040 Cars Aquarium Car Side A
2128040 Cars Aquarium Car Side B 2128220 Batman Aquarium Car
2128230 Road Runner Aquarium Car 2128350 Mickey & Friends Christmas Present Car

Not to be outdone once again, RGS Limited Editions produced yet another display car in honor of beanie babies, and of course, there are two variations just to keep things interesting.

#6482 ARR Polar Bear Express
Second Decade.
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