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Former TCA National President Gordon L. Wilson, with his wife, current National TCA Secretary Christie Wilson, have shared their travels with TCA members before.

Most recently, their trip to South America was a fascinating installment on their travel reporting.

We are pleased to share their latest trip with you!


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Gordon Wilson.

Summer Odyssey - A trip to and from the 2013 TCA National Convention

By Gordon L. Wilson

Every year since moving to Arizona, we've driven to each TCA Convention. That has meant many thousands of miles, countless hours, and varied adventures traversing across the byways of this great nation of ours. There is so much to see and do, it is impossible to run out of interesting things to enjoy no matter how many times one crisscrosses this country.

History, local festivals, music, opera, professional baseball both of the major and minor league variety, visiting friends and fellow TCA members, food stops, and likely other things long forgotten occupy us, time after time. As we've always said, "You see much more at ground level, than you do at 35,000 feet." Of course, you DO NEED about three weeks of uninterrupted time to make it all work!

Read the rest of this Odyssey across America here. (PDF)


For larger views of a sampling of Gordon's photography, click images below:

St. Louis.   

Amarillo.   Harry Truman boyhood home.

Second Decade.
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